Since 1911, high quality products in full respect of tradition

Our firm

Since 1911 Felisi 1911 has been present in the ecclesiastical and military field with products of particular value in full respect of tradition and quality.

The fabrics and trimmings of Felisi 1911 renew in our days the colors and designs of the past, and the ethical and human values of the reference markets, even if the interest and effort for a continuous renewal of the large range of products with more innovative contents.

Our products

Felisi 1911 S.r.l. products are characterized by the quality of the raw materials used, by the variety of designs and by the refinement of workmanship, including artisanal ones.

The use of the most ancient weaving techniques handed down from generation to generation, the use of metal yarns, the customization of products according to the customer's needs, make Felisi one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide.

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